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Loving Jivisa on my way to San Francisco. Its so travel friendly and so soothing. Replaced my morning tea with Kadha. Thank you for a wonderful product Jivisa.
Larrisa Nagra


I believe in having a healthy lifestyle, JiViSa came to my life as a blessing when I was suffering from COVID. Personally I have benefitted from their kadha, it has helped me increase my immunity and provided me relief from cough and cold. I am highly impressed by the purity of the products provided by the brand. I have become an ardent believer of JiViSa.
Gautam Dutta

CEO, PVR Cinemas

I came to know of JiViSa through FB and was impressed with the professional webpage. I tried out the JiViSa products in Aug, 2021 during Rakhi. My sisters and parents gave their thumbs up – so I placed order for my close ones (again). I understand that (Jivisa) is trying to uplift the lives of women in rural Uttarakhand and that in itself is a great cause. Wishing the Team loads of luck in 2022!
Joydeep Mukherjee

Country Manager, Sri Lanka Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited

Authentic Himalayan

We source most of our ingredients from the Himalayan belt to ensure the highest purity standards.

Our Experience

ConsciousLY ResponsibLE

We make sure we give back to the Himalayan communities as much as we get from them.

Jivisa cares

WHolistically crafted

Our products are made to enable conscious living and inculcate wholistic wellbeing.

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