Our Story

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It began with the mountains...

We are simple hill-folk, living in the beautiful land of Uttarakhand, at the foothills of the majestic Himalayas. Each day we look upon these mighty mountains and feel inspired by those pure, snow-capped peaks. These mountains may be high and mighty, but they also have a gentle side. Their slopes are full of gifts of purity.

Secrets of health and healing.

Some time ago, as we admired these eternal peaks, a thought crossed our minds. Why not make these mountains our partners? Why not explore their timeless offerings of health? Why not unearth secrets that are far better than the chemical heavy products currently in our kitchens and cupboards?

And thus the idea of JiViSa was born.

Why do we create?

JiViSa is about creating holistic wellness offerings for ourselves, our loved ones, and all those desiring the true purity of nature.

Our parents are rapidly growing old. Our children are setting their foundations as teenagers. And we ourselves are extremely busy during this prime period in our lives. In fact, all of us in our family need to build our health and immunity.

The products we decided to create, are born out of these deeply personal needs.

With #LoveFromTheHimalayas

Every one of our products is rich with herbs or natural ingredients. Mainly sourced from the forests and slopes of the Himalayas.

These ingredients are then carefully measured and blended by experts.

Finally, no product leaves our small mountain shop without being tested by all members and families of our team.

What reaches you are products that are natural, healthy, and full of goodness.


Our philosophy is actually quite simple. We only offer you what we have already given to our parents, children, and ourselves. JiViSa brings you holistic and soothing wellness.

Each of our products promise organic, herbal or Ayurvedic keys to unlock your full potential so that you enjoy better health, vitality and energy.

We have discovered that good health flows, when we soak in nature. JiViSa brings you this nature from the mountains, packaged with nothing but goodness and filled with gentle love.

We promise to give back as much as we recieve.

About Jivisa Cares
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