JiViSa Premium Loose Leaf Tea Gift Box JiViSa

Luxury Gifting Collection

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Luxury Gifting Collection

Eco-friendly, personalised gift hampers
that celebrate the spirit of giving.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Why Should You Trust Us

  • Trusted By The Best
  • Luxurious & Eco-Friendly Packaging and Sustainable Processes
  • Women Empowerment Initiative through JiViSa Cares
  • Wide variety of Unisex Product Options for everyone.
  • Flexible Personalised Hampers with In-House Designers
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • MOQs starting as low as 50 pieces!*
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Information & Sales Support

Mon - Sat, 10:00 - 18:00

Sarika Panchhi
Co-Founder, JIViSa

Mob/WhatsApp: (+91)-8806660352

Email: sarika.panchhi@jivisa.in


Kahkasha Khan
Product Head, JIViSa

Mob/WhatsApp: (+91)-7404061550

Email: kahkasha.khan@jivisa.in


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