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Upcoming LIVE | 3rd February 2024


Sparking Self Love

In the last 2 episodes, we have figured out how to choose and work on relationships with others around you. And now it's time ot dive deeper into the root of all relationships - the one with our own self.

Join Damini Grover,Psychologist, Author & Life Coach along with Vineeta Marga, an Osho-ite and a Spiritual Practitioner hosted by Sarika Panchhi, CEO, JiViSa as we spark self love together.

What Is The Tribe Saying

This was so helpful!

"I had no idea this LIVE would be so wholesome. I was surprised by the maturity of the speakers and the candid conversations around difficult topics!"

Vasudha M. Bangalore

In-depth & Candid

"Niti's take on setting boundaries on relationships as a professional psychologist really made me think in a way I've never done before. This was really in-depth."

Rishika S. Mumbai

Conversations that add value

"A Saturday evening spent well with beautiful, open, raw conversations. Some very difficult topics were taken up too. I especially enjoyed the old couple's adorable charm - gives me hope for my future!"

Armaan M. Delhi



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