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Is it time to change the phrase 'Beautiful Skin' to 'Healthy Skin'?

by JiViSa Wellness on Jun 29, 2022

'Beautiful Skin'

Isn't this a phrase that has haunted the majority of us at some point or the other in our lives?

If you ask a teenager or a college-going girl/boy, they will tell you how much they are stressed by the pimples that pop up now and then.

If you ask a 30-year-old, he/she will tell you that this is the age to start taking skin care seriously, before it gets too late.

If you observe a 50-year-old, you can find them going back to the natural remedies because, well, people realize the truth as they age.

And if you notice a 70-year-old, you will find them gracefully adorning their wrinkled skin. They will enjoy it when their grandchildren play with their stretched, loose skin. 

And maybe one of the most beautiful parts of life is to see this evolution in people around us. To see how people who used to get bothered by a pimple turn into people who embrace loose skin. 

But the sad reality is that it takes us a lifetime to accept ourselves!

Has this thought ever crossed your mind that if anyone had told a teenager who is stressed with pimples that it is totally okay to have pimples, maybe they would have embraced their skin a little sooner? And the same logic applies to all the times when people have heard little to very significant comments about their skin, ranging from family to strangers. If only we had stopped ourselves from saying that one negative comment, maybe they would have accepted themselves a little sooner.

But seriously, what is 'Beautiful Skin'?

Because as far as science and logic are concerned, skin is a natural substance that has pores, lines, and wrinkles and is different from person to person. It is normal to have pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. It is perfectly normal to get tanned if you go out in the Sun. Pigmentation, rashes, inflammations......all these can come at any time.

And if all the above skin situations are so normal, maybe it is time for us to understand that 'Beautiful' is not a term that should have a single meaning; and that, maybe it is time for us to replace the phrase 'Beautiful Skin' with 'Healthy Skin'.

Like, just think about it. If we use the term 'Healthy skin' instead of 'Beautiful skin', so many things could change. Maybe one less child would feel insecure about their skin tone. Maybe one less parent might stop their kids from playing in the sun because of the fear of getting tanned. Maybe, we all might just accept and love ourselves a little sooner. 

JiViSa, as a brand, believes that we are our best selves when we are able to embrace ourselves, both our positives and our flaws. With each of our products, we aim to take you one step closer to your wellness goal.  And with the same goal in mind, we are coming up with JiViSas' Personal Care Range. The JiViSa Personal Care Range involves some of the best ingredients, hand-picked from the foothills of the Himalayas. Let us not spoil the surprise, stay tuned to know about this very special range of products from JiViSa, #YourHimalayanFriend.

Meanwhile, try replacing the word 'beautiful' with 'healthy' every time you say things about skin. And see if anything changes!

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