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Mountains, the height of good health.

by JiViSa Wellness on Nov 19, 2022

Mountains, the height of good health.
Living in the mountains does not just put you head and shoulders above the rest of the world. Nor does it just mean enjoying some of the most pristine and breathtaking views on the planet. Various studies have shown that mountain people, whether living on the heights of Europe or the Himalayas, tend to live much longer and healthier lives. And there are some very definite reasons for this occurrence. Read below to know the secrets!
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Living in the mountains means being more active...

When you live in the mountains, walking, climbing, hiking or trekking is not some rare adventure that has to be planned. It is an everyday way of life. Here, serious exercise does not mean going to a gym or hiring a personal trainer. ( And invariably parting with big bucks). Mountain dwellings are mostly isolated and built into the cliff-side. There are no smooth motor-able roads, and nether are they required. The folks living here (even the very senior citizens) think nothing of navigating miles of rough passages or steep ridges on a daily basis. This keeps them incredibly hardy, strong and fit. Obesity is not something you will find among mountain people
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...Which also translates into being more healthy.


Trudging up and down for miles on steep, narrow inclines also means one automatically breathes deeply. And this is a big key to unlock good health, because this air is absolutely clean and fresh. Making lungs sturdier and stronger with every breath you take. The pollutants we encounter daily in city air are totally non-existent at a high altitude. In fact, the pure air of the mountains is an oxygen-rich treat for the lungs. As a result, living at a high altitude has also been linked to reducing the occurrence of heart disease and longer life expectancy. Studies have shown that people who live consistently at high altitudes have a certain gene activated that greatly reduces the risk of ischemic heart disease too.


You can smell the good health.


Mountain air is full of the rich, pure smells of trees, flowers and herbs. The scents of trees like fir, oak or aspen are sweet and healing to the senses. Even precious sandalwood and saffron grows on the foothills of the Himalayas. Scents of herbs like ativisha, brahmi and yarrow also enrich the fresh Himalayan air. These scents do wonders to the mind, reduce stress and induce a good night’s sleep. And less stress and good sleep are known to improve health dramatically.


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A plant life brimming with healthy riches.


The herbs and plants growing in the Himalayan regions are blessed with what is known as secondary metabolites. This occurs because plants in these regions are exposed to greater degrees of stress than their counterparts growing in the plains. Stress that is triggered by adverse weather, lower water uptake and extreme cold. The secondary metabolites that the plants develop, help them to combat these tough conditions, thus making them more hardy and also giving them rare therapeutic properties.


What does this do for you? Thanks to secondary metabolites the plants acquire immunomodulatory (immune enhancing) and adaptogenic (adapting to difficult climatic conditions) properties. Benefits range from treating breathing issues, helping patients with diabetes, reducing fevers, to purifying blood.


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Your good health benefits more than you.

When you purchase products containing mountain herbs and plants you do a lot more than benefit your health and immunity. You also help to support highland farmers. These farmers who brave adverse conditions and harsh cold for a better part of the year, have very meagre earnings for their subsistence. So every time you patronise a product that contains their efforts, you encourage them to continue farming these important medicinal and aromatic plants, rather than migrate to towns out of desperation.


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