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What Living In The Mountains Teaches Us

by JiViSa Wellness on Nov 19, 2022

What Living In The Mountains Teaches Us JiViSa

Living a life amidst the proud and rocky mountains is an experience to treasure for an entire life. Close to this giant wonder of nature as you wake up every morning, you fall in love, you find yourself lost in its earthy fragrance. A life close to the picturesque mountains showers us with enormous knowledge, wisdom and life lessons that probably no motivational speaker can so beautifully, with profound impact on your soul, could translate into. Each day as you walk through these roads less travelled, you get to learn a new thing about life, about yourself.

As you set your feet on the steep lanes, surviving the cold winds, you are embarking yourself on a journey of overcoming your fears and pushing your limits. Think of that very step when you feel numb and just want to take a halt because you are tired of the laborious journey, yet you continue on that path because you want to reach your destination. With each motivated step towards your destination, you are unlocking yourself a door of new-found positivity and trust in your capabilities.


Life in the mountains makes you appreciate your journey as much as the destination. With so many scenic beauties and cheerful activities around, you tend to fall in love with your journey as well. Of course, you care about the destination, but you can’t ever not consider thinking of that beautiful journey to it. In a similar way, mountains prepare you to acknowledge and appreciate your life’s journey to your goals and dreams, through the many ups and downs.Amidst mountains, you learn to adore the healing power of silence. You learn how mere moments of quietness can ignite the cheerful cries in your mind and soul.


Blame it on the erratic weather or the rocky terrain, a life in the mountains teaches you to never give up in any situation. It teaches you always to find your ways through any obstacle.


Last but not least, living in the mountains gives you the opportunity to cherish and admire nature in its purest form. Those beautiful valleys of flowers, the sparkling streams, the magical waterfalls and snow-covered peaks together weave a blessing that you’d be grateful for an eternity.

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