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Who Defines?

by JiViSa Wellness on Dec 19, 2022


“You have curly hair, hence that hairstyle won't suit you”

“This shade of lipstick won’t suit you, because it doesn't go well with your skin tone”

“You have a long face, so keep your hair like that”

“Pastels will not suit you your dark skin tone”

“Stop drinking tea, else your skin will turn darker”

“Your hair is too thin and your scalp is showing. Why don’t you comb over?”

“You have a very hairy skin, you better get it waxed”

Etc, etc, etc……

Haven't we all heard at least some of these at different points in life?

Well, we are always told to be happy with what we are born with. Though this is a great way to inculcate the habit of gratitude, why should there be any reason to stop us from exploring the different possibilities that we have?

But the bigger question here is how does an individual identify the various possibilities around oneself?

The answer is simple: by keeping your eyes and ears open.

A keen observation around yourself will show you things that you haven't noticed till now. It will show you the little interesting quirks behind a mundane life. It will make you realize the cozy side of a rebel. An open mind will help you break your little shell, cross over your preconceived notions, and see the beauty of differences.

Just looking around will help you find people who flaunt their curly hair; people who can gracefully carry any shade of lipstick. Having an open mind will help you see that beauty come in all shapes and sizes, and all that we need to do is just to embrace it.

So, the next time you decide to go a little quirky with your hair or makeup, ask this question: “Who decides what  quirky is?”

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